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Too often, a worker is under the misconception that in order to be entitled to workers' compensation benefits, he or she always must be able to identify one specific traumatic work event that caused his or her injury.  Not so.  Carpal tunnel syndrome and lateral epicondylitis ("tennis elbow") are two common diagnoses often times related to not one specific traumatic event but rather repetitive use of a certain body part.  You are entitled to workers' compensation benefits for injuries like these if they are the result of exposure to repetitive trauma at work.


Many workers in the building trades cannot avoid exposure to hazardous occupational noise.  Working all day at a construction site with loud machinery and vehicles can take a toll on the human ear.  Even though many workers wear ear protection, wearing it all the time is simply not possible.  Workers frequently have to take off the ear protection in order to be able to hear co-workers, communicate on two-way radios, and listen for back-up and emergency alarms.

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