Using Mediation Effectively To Resolve Disputes

Disputes in the workplace can easily become bitter and counter-productive. But with each side holding to its position, that can make finding a workable solution difficult.

To be sure, sometimes traditional litigation is necessary. But often the question becomes: Is there an alternative way to approach your case so that it can be resolved in a way that meets your goals?

At Joshua M. Bloom & Associates, P.C., our attorneys have the talent, training and tenacity to use mediation effectively to resolve workplace disputes. We encourage you to give us a call to discuss your particular situation in a no-cost consultation. From our office in Pittsburgh, we serve clients throughout Western Pennsylvania.

What Can Mediation Accomplish?

Unlike traditional litigation, mediation is not adversarial. In litigation, an attorney represents only one party. But in mediation, a mediator (also known as a third-party neutral) works with both of the parties, seeking to find common ground to resolve the dispute in a way that makes sense going forward.

This approach can be a useful one in workplace disputes. With discrimination or harassment claims, for example, a mediator can help the parties see the underlying issues more clearly and move toward an appropriate resolution.

At our firm, Josh Bloom is a certified third-party neutral as well as an experienced lawyer. Since we do both plaintiff and defense work in employment law cases, we have peculiar insight into looking at disputes. Being aware of both sides' positions, we can use our insight and intelligence to guide you and the other party toward a positive solution. In all likelihood, such a solution would not have been possible if both sides had stuck to their original positions.

Take Action to Find a Creative Solution

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