Skilled Guidance in Resolving Employment Disputes

At their core, most workplace disputes are about fairness. Just because something seems unfair, however, does not mean there is a valid legal case.

At Joshua M. Bloom & Associates, P.C., in Pittsburgh, we focus much of our practice on employment law issues involving claims of harassment, discrimination and other illegal actions. We are strongly committed to protecting workers' rights, but also represent small business owners in appropriate cases. This ability to see both sides gives us an ability to envision creative solutions that require subtlety as well as skill.

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We Are Prepared to Take on Your Employment Dispute

Illegal actions by employers can encompass a wide variety of behavior. Our Pennsylvania workplace discrimination attorneys can handle nearly any type of employment dispute, including:

Compensation for wrongfully treated employees in employment law cases can include back pay, lost benefits, job reinstatement, lost future pay and benefits, emotional distress and, in some cases, punitive damages.

Different types of cases have different deadlines to meet. As an employee or former employee, if you delay too long in taking action, you could lose your ability to take effective action. It is important to speak with one of our lawyers as soon as possible if you think your employer or former employer violated the law.

In addition to protecting the rights of employees through litigation, we provide negotiation services and review of employment contracts, as well as union representation in any number of cases. In every case, we will work tirelessly and diligently to ensure that your interests are well represented.

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